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Entomological Equipment: An Essential Tool for Insect-Killing and Storage

Entomologicals Equipments manufacturers in india

There are various kinds of insect collection equipment and methods. And capturing and cultivating information from a single insect may require the use of multiple tools and techniques. Entomological Equipment, which is widely used in Biology Labs for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories, and other institutions, is one of the most vital components. Its comprehensive range of equipment and materials is used in the preparation and storage of insect specimens.

At Entomologicals Equipments Manufacturer in India offers the five categories of entomological equipment which are given below:

1. Chrysopa Breeding Nest

Breeding Nest for Chrysopa is a high-quality model generally used in Biology Lab for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories, as well as other industries.  This piece of technology incorporates a Teakwood Frame with Silk Screen Net on the Sides and a Collapsible Cover on the Front. With the help of leavers, it can be held in place.

2. Insect Handling Device With Vacuum Cleaner

This device can be used to quickly collect a large number of any kinds of insect. Besides, the insects are not affected during the harvest, and the technicians are not exposed to the health risks of the insect’s scales. Insect Handling System with Vacuum Cleaner was designed by an Entomologicals Equipments Manufacturer in India in the best standard at an affordable price.

3. Magnascope Bench Magnifier

This product is the most widely used visual inspection aid in the Electronics Industry, Engineering Industry, Automotive Industry, Defense Industry, Research Establishments, Medical Fields of Minor Surgery and Dermatology, Dental Laboratories, Forensic Laboratories, Beauty and Cosmetic applications, and many others. Magnifier Lens, Lens-light, Bench Magnifier, Industrial Magnifier, Illuminated Magnifier are some of the brand names for the device.

4. Insect Storage Box

The Insect Storage Box is well-liked by customers as it has plenty of storage. The Insect Storage Box is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of our customers. For schools, colleges, universities, research labs, hospitals, and a variety of industries, get high-quality designed Mosquito Storage Boxes. Both the top and bottom inside of insects are trapped. This equipment comes with a Teakwood frame, and a lacquer-polished plywood bottom. Brass hinges, an index card frame, and clips are also included.

5. Herbarium Sheet cabinet

Herbarium sheets are used to keep botanical specimens safe. Herbarium specimen cabinets are designed to keep botanical specimens safe and secure for a long period. Plant specimens can be easily and conveniently protected from damaging elements. This strong, double-walled steel cabinet has twelve inner components that are larger than regular shelving, making it easy to store oversized herbarium sheets. A powder-coated finish is also included, as well as a specific “lift-off” door that can be easily fixed from its hinge.

Hopefully, this article will assist in the procurement of Entomological equipment. Entomologicals Equipments Manufacturer in India will provide you with the best selection of equipment. Each product is manufactured in compliance with strict quality control standards and is thoroughly checked on a variety of parameters for outstanding performance and durability, providing adequate production and flawless results.