Chemistry Equipment Manufacture in India

We, Chemistry equipment manufacture in India nurture ready stock of Chemistry equipment to match the bulk and immediate needs of the clients. Our range of chemistry lab equipment is preferred for its excellence and affordability. This category includes Headlight LED and Stero Microscope. Our enterprise is capable of fulfilling bulk orders within given time.

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  • Head Lights LED

    Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen is also same as Surgical Microscope Cold Light but with the difference that the additional illuminating beam Halogen Lamp and a measurement beam which makes the patients surgery very clear.

    Stand Section

    • Type : Table Clamp
    • Vertical Movement Of Counterbalanced Arm : 400 mm
    • General Information
    • Weight : 50Kg.
    • Height : 1550mm
    • Electrical Power : AC 220V, 240V, 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption : 220 VA/110V
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  • Stero Microscope

    Stereo Dissecting Microscope having a stable round shaped base with joint revolving arm for moving the magnifying lens over the full area of the stage. The Stereo Dissecting Microscope can be focused by a smooth rack & pinion system and light adjustment of Stereo Dissecting Microscope is done through a reflecting mirror.

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