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Salient Features & Construction of Mortuary Chamber

Mortuary Chamber Manufacturer in Haryana India

Having numerous features like Robust construction Corrosion free – exterior is powder coated/painted for lasting finish & interior mortuary chamber made of Stainless Steel Is Highly preferable by customers. Read more about the casino ohne anmeldung.

Mortuary cabinets are built to keep dead bodies following hygienic conditions for a short time at 0°C – 8°C, low Temperature keeps the body cool and avoids the decay of the dead body. The standard temperature of a mortuary chamber is 2 to 5-degree centigrade but in some cases freezing temperatures up to 0°C, -10°C and -15°C can also be designed. These chambers are widely used at hospitals, big railway stations, airports, Post mortem stations disaster relief camps and army camps, etc. The other names of these cabinets are morgue freezer, deal body storage refrigerator, and mortuary fridge.  Almost all the modern health care facilities have a cold room with mortuary refrigerator in them. With the increasing use of these fridges they have come up with many features that further enhance their usability in the mortuaries.


Mortuary Chamber Manufacturer in Haryana India, we have designed chambers which are available in different capacities to hold a Single Body to Six Bodies together. The high-quality Mortuary Storage Cabinets are suitable for places where the temperature is uniformly maintained at the set temperature with efficiency and better uniformity. These chambers are available with easy to install feature and no special need for maintenance. They are totally self-contained and ruggedly designed.

Let’s go through this article and learn some Technical features of Mortuary cabinets:

  • Refrigeration System – The refrigeration system is energy-efficient, environment-friendly, completely airtight, and can be rooftop or wall-mounted. Good for Surrounding Environment Mortuary fridges don’t allow the pathogens to grow in the stored dead body. This refrigeration system is installed as remote equipment where noise or heat can be an inconvenience. The evaporator is equipped with automatic electric defrosting. This cooling system provides full value of money as it has a silent (noise-less) compressor feature and air-cooled condenser.
  • Better Management of Space – The design of these refrigerators assures that these refrigerators take the least space on the floor and give maximum space for storage. This design makes sure that mortuary refrigerators are not heavy. Further, these refrigerators are built from stainless steel and this makes sure that the sanitation in the mortuary is managed.
  • Temperature Range and Control – These cabinets are available with a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C and -10°C to -20°C. For accurate measurement and display of temperature, a LED or LCD is used. These units are equipped with a microprocessor-based digital control panel which is operated with push buttons.  The high and low-temperature alarm system is used for security and safe working.
  • Doors –  Available in single or multi doors with advanced Door with locking system. Complete stainless steel construction with Insulation to avoid temperature loss and Doors are fitted with an external lock for security. These doors are situated in front and allow easy loading of trolleys.
  • Construction – Double-walled construction and made of 304 grades Rust & Contamination free stainless steel. For insulation high pressure-injected polyurethane is used for reducing thermal loss and satisfying the particular specifications of refrigeration in mortuaries. A circulatory Fan for uniform temperature is also constructed.
  • Accessories – Supplied with several optional and mandatory accessories Mortuary Chamber Manufacturer in Haryana provides easy accessibility of machines such as Environmental friendly CFC-free cooling, Digital temperature indication, and audiovisual alarm for high and low temperature, Stabilizer, Loading Trolley, Instrument, and Temperature Chart Recorder, etc. Also, the lighting system comes with waterproof fluorescent ceiling lamps which are fitted with a switch on the control panel.

HL Scientific Industries:

We, Mortuary Chamber Manufacturer in Haryana are providing pre-assembled and custom-built mortuary cabinets matching to required specifications. All these units deliver reliable performance and hygienic solutions for dead body storage. These cabinets can also be made with a specific temperature range as required by the customer. A temperature control system is attached to each cabinet for accurate temperature control and recording. We have a range of Mortuary Chambers that is made of corrosion-free metal components with advanced polyurethane insulation ensuring maximum thermal efficiency and durability.

So, if you are looking for the best quality products you can contact us. Our team will get in touch and assist with your queries and doubts.